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在 ALL.BIZ 的展览。 展览日历 十二月 2017。 展览和会议
all.biz展览展览 十二月 2017

展览 十二月 2017

Jarmark Bożonarodzeniowy
pl 波兰, Gdansk
05-23 十二月 2017

co 哥伦比亚, Bogota
06-19 十二月 2017

Bologna Motor Show
it 意大利, Bologna
07-15 十二月 2017

ru 俄罗斯, Moscow
08-12 十二月 2017

Christmas Market
cz 捷克, Brno
09-18 十二月 2017

Focus: Glass, ceramics, china Leather, footwear, leather goods, artificial fur Textiles Furniture, home furnishings, home accessories Consumer electronics, electrical appliance, musical instruments fancy goods Sports goods, regabilitation and tourist goods and devices Food and drinks Books, promotion, counseling

World of Fur and Leather
ua 乌克兰, Kherson
10-13 十二月 2017

The New Year's Gift
ru 俄罗斯, St petersburg
10-13 十二月 2017

Biggest Fair Christmas theme in St. Petersburg Traditional place of purchase Christmas gifts for residents and visitors alike More than 100 media outlets in the exhibition advertising campaign The program includes: 4 - The First World Festival "St. Petersburg Samovar Gifts from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden Workshop New Year's gift Installation of Alternative Tree " Concert Program Contests, jokes, quizzes Children's Corner "snowball" Email Santa Claus

Performance Racing Industry Show
us 美国, Orlando
10-12 十二月 2017

Approximately 37,500 racing business people from all 50 states and 72 countries attended this year’s show to get current with the latest in racing technology courtesy of the 1000 motorsports companies introducing new lines in racing products, machining equipment, motorsport engineering solutions and more.

us 美国, Lincoln
10-12 十二月 2017

Nebraska Power Farming Show is one of the most widely-anticipated trade event shows in the United States related to the agricultural sector. The event, which is held at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, draws in more than 600 professional exhibitors at the show, exhibiting a wide array of products, including conveyor belts, utility vehicles, diesel-powered items and farm-management software to the show attendees, together with a large number of other related products. Participants also get the chance to get acquainted with several new...

India Composite Show
in 印度, New Delhi
10-12 十二月 2017

The trade show will showcase live machineries, latest technologies and advanced materials capturing the strong growth shown in the industry in India and would create ample of opportunities for professionals to come together with user industry segments.

India Cold Chain Summit
in 印度, Hyderabad
10-12 十二月 2017

ru 俄罗斯, Krasnodar
10-14 十二月 2017

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