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Leben plus Komfort
de 德国, Essen
13-16 一月 2018

The great response to the "pilot fair", LEBEN plus KOMFORT 2010, impressively confirmed the relevance of such an intersectoral platform for the markets of the future. In particular, the pooling of the competences of Messe Essen GmbH and GGT Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik® proved successful..

Seattle Remodeling Expo
us 美国, Washington
15-17 一月 2018

Seattle Remodeling Expo will showcase an array of products and services for the interior and exterior of the home. This expo is expected as the best event for the home decors. It will be a perfect place for the people who love the latest accessories and want to remodify their interior and exterior designs. Seattle Remodeling Expo will represents the most recognized and most qualified names in the remodeling industry ranging from residential and commercial design, architecture, interior design, landscape design, furnishings, accessories,...

French Property Exhibition
uk 英国, London
27-29 一月 2018

Trading Architecture Japan
jp 日本, Tokyo-to
30-31 一月 2018

Immobilienmesse Franken
de 德国, Bamberg
30-31 一月 2018

Buildex Vancouver
ca 加拿大, Vancouver
08-09 二月 2018

Salón Mi Empresa Madrid
es 西班牙, Madrid
12-13 二月 2018

Bulgarian Home Exhibition
ru 俄罗斯, Moscow
13-14 二月 2018

Are you looking for Russian clients to buy your Real Estate in Bulgaria? Then you should really consider the Russian market. In Moscow at the Bulgarian Home Exhibition you will have an opportunity to meet and make contact with wealthy Russian clients who are eagerly looking to purchase Bulgarian property and investments. The Bulgarian Home Exhibition is a professionally organised event in the comfortable environment of the T-Modul exhibition hall in central Moscow. Extensive advertising and targeted direct mailings will ensure that...

The Franchise Show
uk 英国, London
17-18 二月 2018

Listed Property Show
uk 英国, London
18-19 二月 2018

As we all know, owning a listed property is not always health, wealth and happiness. Legislation, conservation and regulation can seem like the three horsemen of the listed property owner’s apocalypse. Just finding a decent builder or understanding the VAT rules is enough to give you sleepless nights. (We believe owners miss £250 million of VAT relief every year!) The Listed Property Show is a free event for Listed Property Owners. We’ve brought together the industry’s best; find experts on listed property...

de 德国, Freyburg
18-19 二月 2018

md 摩尔多瓦, 基希讷乌
18-21 二月 2018

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